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It is not only about relieving your symptoms of eczema when they appear, but about fighting the condition from within. In addition to taking care of your outbreaks, it is important to control them to prevent eczematous dermatitis and future reactions.

Natural Remedies and Treatments for Eczema:

The essential thing is to combine medical therapies with natural ones to effectively relieve symptoms and control reactions from within as well as outside. Next you will learn about the natural methods that best complement your medical treatments.

  • Moisturize Your Skin:

Hydration is an important aspect of health in your skin. Having lubricated skin means that you will recover faster from the reactions caused by eczema and it also helps to treat them. Hygiene is essential but can often cause dryness, as well as exposure to the sun. That’s why you should arm yourself with moisturizers to be applied frequently, and more when your skin is moist to speed up absorption. You will enjoy healthy skin and with greater capacity to heal and that is protected against allergens and external irritants. But it is not so easy to find a product that benefits you, since many creams contain artificial elements that can harm you. You have to look for a hypoallergenic product, which contains natural ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal, cocoa fat, and that includes zinc and vitamins A and E. These elements can soothe swelling and itching and also help to heal your skin.

  • Supplements for Eczema:

For internal care, supplements are a reinforcement that is reflected on the outside of your body. They are not a matter of a few months, but a whole year so you can enjoy the results. To find out which supplements can help you, see the list below.

  • Vitamin E: it is perhaps one of the most important and is found in fish. This vitamin increases the production of natural oil and keeps your skin lubricated, as well as relieving itching.
  • Vitamin A: if you have rough skin, vitamin A benefits you; giving your skin softness and promoting cell regeneration which helps prevent inflammation during an eczema outbreak.
  • Oils: those that are extracted from fish such as salmon help with skin renewal and lubrication. Flaxseed oils promote external health and oils such as evening primrose (also called primrose) can balance hormonal problems that could be the cause of eczema.
  • The Control of your Environment:

Although it is not possible to control absolutely everything around you, if you can change some things that make a difference in your quality of life. One of the first steps is to control the air you breathe, since low air quality can cause eczema. The uncirculated air is full of allergens that can affect you. So try to breathe fresh air, opening a window or turning on a fan inside your home.

“An air filter is also a good investment to keep the air in your home fresh and clean”.

Moisture is an important aspect in the care of your skin as you could already discover, so maintaining moisture is essential. If there is no moisture your skin can dry out and dehydrate, producing eczema. One solution is to buy a humidifier to control the level of humidity in the air so that it is neither so dry, nor so wet as to promote mold growth. If you need additional advice and recommendations, the book Goodbye Eczema is at your disposal, written by an expert who has suffered from eczema and has overcome it. He also used external and internal techniques along with others explained in his book to heal, and you can do it.

  • Eczema and your Immune System:

The best thing you can do is to take control of your condition instead of simply treating your symptoms, and you should be aware that there is no medical cure as such for the condition. What you can do is look for natural alternatives to promote the health of your skin. If we talk about an eczematous dermatitis caused by internal factors we would also be talking about your immune system that reacts to the presence of an allergen. So how to strengthen your immune system? There are supplements and vitamins to do it but the best is a nutritious diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding foods that contain chemicals and preservatives. The toxins we receive from these foods complicate our metabolism and reduce the levels of oxygen in the blood, preventing our body from healing itself. Eliminating these toxins and eating fresh food helps purify the body and strengthen it. Next, a list of foods that help strengthen the immune system and promote metabolism:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables in general
  • Apple
  • Papaya
  • Nuts
  • Soy
  • Grain
  • Legumes

What we should avoid when eating:

  • Sugars
  • White flour
  • Canned meats
  • Artificially ripened fruits and vegetables
  • Red meat
  • Non-organic chicken and pork

In the case of red meat, chicken and non-organic pork, hormones and antibiotics are often given as food while they were alive, and therefore should be avoided. As for the preparation of the food it is necessary to use oils such as sesame or flaxseed when cooking because they retain their nutrients even when heated. If you are going to heat your food, do not use the microwave but the stove at low temperature to heat slowly.

  • Natural Protection for Your Skin:

The previous point is about how to maintain your health from the inside, in this section we will talk about how to do it from the outside. Many beauty products, and even clothes are also full of toxins that can weaken your skin and cause reactions. What you need to do is identify the products and fabrics that affect you and eliminate them. As for clothes, choose garments made with 100% organic cotton, which gives your skin that respite it needs and prevents overheating and sweat. Your skin can also benefit from air filters to decrease allergens in your home and maintain a balance. It is important to make sure you don’t let the air get too dry because this can cause a reaction.

  • Oats:

That sometimes you have breakfast starting the day, oatmeal, you have many beneficial properties that perhaps you did not know. Used as a remedy for skin problems since the time of the ancient Egyptians, oatmeal has the ability to keep you healthy both inside and out. It contains four pro-skin elements: polysaccharides, proteins, saponins and fats that combined help protect, hydrate, clean and lubricate your skin. Taking a good oatmeal bath is one of the ways you can relieve your symptoms and keep your skin healthy. Take four cups (two if it’s for a child) of raw and unprocessed oatmeal and blend until it becomes a fine powder. Pour this powder into warm (not hot) water while running to fill the tub. Stay in the water for about 15 minutes and rinse with warm water afterwards. When drying, try not to rub your skin with the towel to preserve oatmeal.

  • Natural Cleaner with White Oak:

It is true that when you suffer from eczema, many of the cleaners you can get in the store can be very abrasive to your skin. That is why it is better to choose a natural alternative. White oak, elm and comfrey root combined can be used as a cleanser and also during eczema outbreaks to relieve inflammation and itching. It can even be used in children and babies. White oak contains a lot of vitamin B12 and good minerals for the skin such as zinc, also reducing inflammation. The elm contains many tannins, such as the cleaners found in oats. These cleaners have the great power to eliminate germs as well as decrease inflammation generated from infections. Comfrey root has had centuries of use to heal wounds and reduce inflammations, it also accelerates cell growth to decrease the risk of scarring. One remedy you can try is a natural skin wash using these elements. Mix a teaspoon of white oak bark, a teaspoon of elm bark and a teaspoon of comfrey root in two cups of water. Mix well and heat the mixture over medium heat until it boils for about 30 minutes. Remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool completely. Solid waste should be strained and the remaining liquid is used to wash your face.

  • Healing Moisturizer with Licorice and Cranberry Leaf:

Hydrate your foot as important as cleaning it. Creams that are available in the market may not benefit you because they contain components that can generate a reaction and make your condition worse. That’s why a natural treatment is the best for you. An alternative is a natural moisturizer with licorice and cranberry leaf extracts. Cranberry leaf contains a powerful compound that prevents the proliferation and spread of germs, thus preventing a second infection. It will also reduce inflammation and relieve itching. Licorice extract rapidly decreases redness and swelling, and is known as a pain reliever such as eczema. If you are worried about the recipe, do not be distressed since you can get creams and lotions that contain these ingredients in stores. If you already had a favorite cream you can add these extracts and you will also get positive results. To do this, pour the usual amount of your cream into the palm of your hand, then add 2 drops of cranberry extract and 1 to two drops of licorice extract. Apply the cream as usual. For severe outbreaks use a more concentrated amount of licorice extract. Other beneficial creams should be free of dyes, oils and fragrances. Some good options are those that contain aloe or zinc. There are many more natural recipes for eczema, and if you want to know what they are, read the e-book Goodbye Eczema  for more information.

Treatment for Eczema on the Face:

If you suffered an unexpected reaction of eczema on your face and / or neck, it can affect many aspects of your life and cause a lot of frustration. Your face is something that shows first and being a victim of hives, inflammation and redness generates a strong personal and aesthetic impact. In many cases, it occurs in childhood and disappears during adolescence, but may reappear later. The eczema that occurs in adulthood is more severe and produces much more discomfort, but to relieve it there are natural treatments that work effectively. Traditional methods such as topical creams that contain steroids can be risky for your face, so the skin in that area is more delicate. That is why natural remedies are better and safer. Here are some steps to start alleviating your condition.

  • Stress and Relaxation:

A difficult day at work or a project that has you under a lot of pressure can cause an outbreak of facial eczema. Stress is a factor that generates this condition, increasing the production of fat, sweat and the appearance of acne. On many occasions, stress combined with another allergen triggers an internal reaction because it emits toxins in your system that reacts with an allergen that would not otherwise affect you. If you are facing a heavy project, or if you simply need to calm down, take the time for good relaxation and prevent facial eczema. Do something that distracts you from rubbing or scratching parts of your face, you can read a book, watch your favorite movie or undergo relaxing massages and baths. Yoga is very beneficial as is stretching, not only for your eczema but for your well-being in general.

  • Makeup and Facial Creams:

For many women, going outside without an ounce of makeup is unthinkable, so when facial eczema is generated, the impact is even stronger. The idea is not to eliminate makeup completely from your daily life, but to make it part of your treatment. Try to use hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic products that do not clog your pores, so they cost more. They contain less allergens and are healthier for your face by breathing your skin. After a long day the makeup should be removed. You can consider the following alternatives to do so:

  • A boiled mixture of white oak, elm and comfrey root to clean your skin and also to soothe any inflammation.
  • You can ask the opinion of an expert about other natural cleaners.
  • After using the cleanser, you can apply a zinc-based cream to further calm the irritation.

Food and diet:

What you eat is also reflected in your face. Studies show that PH levels affect the treatment of facial eczema, so you must have a balanced diet, nutritious and full of vitamins. If you want to know more about which foods benefit you and what other natural methods can alleviate your facial eczema, see the Goodbye Eczema e-book  that goes into more detail about these topics.

Treatment for Eyelid Eczema:

Your face is what people around you most notice. If there is a problem that is present in your face you can be sure that it will be noticed immediately. Therefore, when you suffer from eczema on your face, it can be something desperate, and not only in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of your well-being, since it can appear as hives or discoloration. If you suffer in your eyelids, blinking becomes difficult and therefore frustrating. To begin to understand how to treat this condition, you must first know the causes.

  • Common Allergens and Irritants:

If you’re wondering how it was that you sprouted when you don’t remember being in touch with something that causes it, it’s very common not to know what triggered your eczema. As eyelid eczema commonly results from direct contact with an allergen and can be treated by identifying and removing the guilty allergen. Here is a short list of some causes.

  • Makeup
  • Face cream or cleanser
  • Enamel or artificial nails
  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Radical temperature changes
  • Latex
  • flowers
  • Smoke
  • Constant friction

If you are a lover of spicy foods, and if you cannot live without flowers, it is not about eliminating them completely from your life. In addition there are certain allergens that cannot always be avoided, so it is important to find an effective treatment to reduce the effects of eczema on your face.

  • Treatments:

Since the skin on your face is more delicate than in other parts of the body, traditional methods such as steroids, ultraviolet light and other treatments for eczema can potentially be harmful to the health of your eyelids. It is best to resort to natural methods to control symptoms and treat outbreaks. The problem is that there is a wide variety of sources of information that are not entirely correct. You should look for an expert to give you some recommendations, and not compromise your health. The author of the e-book  Eliminate His Eczema  is the type of expert who has had personal experiences about the symptoms and treatments of this condition and can teach you many useful methods to get rid of yours.

Treating Eczema in Children:

Having a child with eczema is definitely frustrating, so it is mostly sought to give relief to the child and free him from this condition. Eczema usually (90%) begins to appear before the age of five and therefore it becomes difficult to give some comfort at such an early age. It is almost certain that you have sought many methods to treat eczema in your child, or made many visits to the doctor for professional recommendations. Here we will talk about some treatments you can try and what myths and truths exist about eczema.

  • Myths about Eczema in Children:

The key to eczema treatment is not to believe all the different opinions about which method is better. Would you try something like leaving your child in a bathtub full of tomato juice in the light of the full moon? If you are willing to do it, you better read on.

  • Myth # 1: Bathe your child only once a week. Hygiene is too important especially during childhood, just try to use mild soaps with low PH and medicinal bath oils. If your child still uses diapers, clean that area very well to decrease the moisture that can be combined with germs and cause eczema.
  • Myth # 2: Avoid light to treat eczema. Ultraviolet light is widely used to combat eczema in children with good results. To know more about this it is better to consult with an expert.
  • Myth # 3: Control your child’s diet. The truth about this is that there is not enough conclusive evidence to confirm that the diet can definitely cause a reaction. It is very important to maintain a balanced nutrition for your child so try not to eliminate foods that help in their development.
  • The treatment in children:

As in the previous section, there are some myths about certain treatments that can potentially harm your child. The only thing you need to know that the most common topical treatments are steroid creams to treat eczema. Do not panic with the mention of steroids! There is a type of steroid called  hydrocortisone  that is gentle with a child’s delicate skin and is also very effective against eczema. Just follow the instructions and apply the treatment every time a reaction occurs. Remember that this treatment is used to relieve the symptoms and appearance of eczema, we are not talking about a permanent cure. If you don’t want to keep only one treatment option, you can investigate about zinc paste bandages, which are moist and effective, since zinc has quite a lot of healing properties. You can get this treatment via prescription and your doctor can guide you through the application process.

  • Allergens:

Most people believe that an allergen is any substance that generates a reaction in the body. A person who does not suffer from eczema who has contact with an allergen such as dust will suffer from mild itching, mild congestion and few outbreaks. However, for someone with eczema, a true allergen will cause a strong reaction in their immune system causing more severe outbreaks. Normally these types of reactions are generated from a combination of allergens, not just one. Trying to eliminate a single allergen will not be very effective, for example, your child may be exposed to pollen all day without having a reaction. But if you decide to go out on a hot day, pollen combined with sweat or heat is likely to cause a reaction. The same happens with the mites combined with being sheltered in the bed, the heat generated with the dust or the mites will trigger an eczema outbreak. To start treating the condition, you can eliminate the mites and dust and at the same time change the sheets to hypoallergenic. Avoid using pillows with feathers and buy furniture treated with anti-mite sprays because they can also affect your child.

Remember that to decide on a treatment you must seek professional opinions so that your child can benefit from the best. The e-book Goodbye Eczema  can offer you this type of information, as it contains the work of an expert who has suffered from eczema for years.


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