Is Losing Weight with Carrots is Possible in a Healthy Way?

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Did you know that, in addition to being rich in vitamins and fibers and helping us to stay satiated, the carrot allows us to accelerate the metabolism? It is also thermogenic, so it helps us burn fat. Do you like carrots? Then you’re in luck. This tasty vegetable has fiber, beta carotene and digestive enzymes so adequate and healthy that stands alone as an ideal supplement to lose weight.

Do you want to know how?

Why are Carrots Good for Losing Weight?

We love them. Whether in salads, in creams, as a condiment or in juices. To begin we have to tell you that they will act as an ideal supplement in your diet to lose weight. That is, it is not just about consuming carrots over a week. Absolutely.  What we will do is consume it at the right times of the day to benefit from its properties. But let’s see them first:

  • Carrots are rich in fiber, one of the most important substances when it comes to losing weight.
  • It offers us a feeling of fullness. Offering us the feeling of being full longer.
  • They manage to accelerate the metabolism.
  • They have few fats and calories, but yes, they have plenty of water.
  • Something important that we cannot forget: Carrots are a thermogenic food. What does this mean? That helps us burn calories.

How can I Consume Carrots to Lose Weight?

Our diet to lose weight by helping with carrots will need our effort over two weeks each month. For 15 days we will integrate the carrots into the diet in a very punctual and special way. Take note of how to do it:

Breakfast: Carrot Juice and Orange to Lose Weight.

Simply delicious this juice is a great way to start the day, because with it, we can purify the body, while we benefit from great nutrients and incredible vitamins. A wonderful dose of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. You will love its flavors and colors, and to prepare it, it does not require excessive complication:

  • Two small carrots
  • Juice of a large orange.
  • Oats
  • Honey bee.

Mix it well and drink it little by little.

Lunch: Carrot and Spinach Smoothie

At lunch you can prepare delicious and healthy salads. You can combine them with some protein such as a grilled breast. But a few minutes before your lunch, you should take this natural juice, where we combine spinach with carrot. Carrots and spinach, as well as minerals, fiber and vitamins, have many properties to help you lose weight.

For this juice we need:

  • Sheets of clean spinach.
  • 2 small carrots
  • A few pieces of melon or peach and a glass of mineral water.

Pass it all through the blender and drink it a few minutes before starting with your lunch.

Dinner: Carrot and Pineapple Juice to Lose Weight

During your diet dinners, try to combine fresh products free of refined flours, preservatives, sugars and fats. You can make, for example, boiled vegetables (remember that the carrot, is one of the vegetables that when boiled or cooked, does not lose even one of its properties). You can also prepare a baked eggplant, a piece of salmon, or artichokes with a little olive oil and vinegar, or even tasty creams. Whatever you want, as long as it is healthy and low in fat. Once, more, before your dinner, it would be perfect to have a pineapple juice and carrots:

“It is an antioxidant and rich in fiber that will keep your body clean”.

What do we need?

  • Pineapple, chopped into small pieces.
  • A small carrot
  • A glass of water.

Place all the ingredients in the blender and obtain a homogeneous mixture, which you will drink minutes before your dinner. It’s delicious.


These three juices will help you burn fat every day.

  • Remember to combine them with a proper and varied diet. Do not limit yourself to consuming only the juices. They will act as complements, but they are not enough to cover the nutrition of each day. Being satiating will prevent you from being hungry between meals.
  • Consume at least two liters of water a day and also remember, do some exercise.
  • If we follow this complementary diet based on carrots for 15 days a month, we will be avoiding constipation and strengthening the health of our digestive system.

The carrot is very versatile, tasty and beneficial. Get the most out of it. How about we start today?


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