How to Lose Weight in 15 Days: Most Common Mistakes and Motivation!

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Many times we have asked ourselves how to lose weight in 15 days and if we will be able to achieve it, but we know that it is very difficult to lose weight. With this type of goals all we get is more frustration and less motivation to diet and exercise.  It is true that you can start losing weight in 15 days or less, but … there are no magic solutions!

How to Lose Weight in 15 Days … or The Days That are Necessary

If you are in the process of losing weight, you should know that most of the time it is about carrying out a program by stages according to your current weight, age, lifestyle and contexture. The key to losing weight is a very simple calculation: consume more calories than those that are ingested. To achieve this goal there is only one healthy way: diet and exercise. Sometimes it is not even necessary to diet: it will be enough to go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace. In other cases, it may be necessary to carry out a strict diet for a time, until reaching the appropriate weight, and then a diet that allows maintaining it and avoiding the undesirable “me” effect. If your goal is how to lose weight in 15 days (although you should know that maybe more days are needed), to carry out the diet and exercise program you need these two tools that we are going to offer you today: avoid making the most common mistakes and find motivation

Three Most Common Mistakes in a Weight Loss Program

These errors are real obstacles in your effort to lose weight. If you want to know how to lose weight in 15 days, do not make these mistakes:

  • Focus only on the scale: the balance can make you feel that you are not losing weight as fast as you wanted, despite following the diet to the letter. The weight recorded by the balance can be influenced by several factors and even fluctuate during the day; in fact, it can vary up to 1.8 kg depending on the food and liquids ingested, fluid retention and other factors. Instead of clinging to the scales, look for other signs of weight loss, such as feeling looser clothing or taking the measurement of your waist.
  • Focus on a low calorie diet: to lose weight as we said above, you need a negative caloric balance. This means burning more calories than you eat. Many people focus on a low-calorie diet, but in reality they are not eating as few calories as they thought. In addition, a diet very low in calories can lead to the loss of muscle mass and slows metabolism, hampering weight loss. On the other hand dietary foods are often loaded with sugar or fats that stimulate hunger and end up eating more than you thought.
  • Focus on the exercise: Do not exercise, combined with a diet low in calories, is equivalent to … not lose weight! Since the lack of exercise leads to the loss of muscle mass and decrease in the metabolic rate. But exercising too much can also cause problems. A plan of intense physical activity is unsustainable in the long term for most people and can cause stress. To maintain the metabolic rate during weight loss it is advisable to perform aerobic exercises three to five times a week or, if you dare, to lift weights.

How to Lose Weight in 15 Days: Motivation to Lose Weight

“Being motivated is key to the success of a weight loss program”.

Everyone must find their own motivation, but there are some strategies that can help. Taking into account that obesity and sedentary lifestyle have become major public health problems of the 21st century, including many cities are committing, such as the Cities against Obesity alliance.

  • Write your goals and relay them every day: write down in a notebook why you want to lose weight, and reread this annotation every time you feel the temptation to abandon the plan to lose weight. Many times you start a program to lose weight by medical indication, but people really do not feel motivated. If this is your case, find out the real reason why your doctor recommended losing pounds.
  • Set realistic goals: if you set a goal to lose weight in 15 days, it may not be realistic for you. Many advertisements of diets and dietary products promise to lose weight quickly and easily , although it is advisable not to lose more than half to 1 kg per week to stay healthy. A realistic goal is, for example, to lose 5 to 10% of the current weight. It has been shown that this modest weight loss has enormous benefits in metabolism and well-being.
  • Focus on the stages of the process: if our doctor has told us that we must lose 10 or 15 kg to reach the right weight … focusing on this goal can lead to the failure of the weight loss plan! It is much more positive and motivating to focus on the stages of the process, for example how to lose weight in 15 days with a goal of 2 to 2.5 kg in that period, something much easier to achieve. Other examples of step-by-step goals can be exercising four times a week, or walking 30 minutes per day.
  • Adopts healthy habits: sometimes too strict diets have an opposite effect to the expected one, and in people accustomed to certain foods it can create the dangerous “me” effect. To achieve an objective such as losing weight in 15 days, analyze adopt healthy habits such as reducing the size of the portions, reduce the frequency of snacks or snacks, reduce foods high in fat, sugar and salt, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reward yourself: every time you have reached a goal such as losing weight in 15 days, celebrate your success. Losing weight is difficult, so when you achieve an objective, share it on social networks, take a bubble bath or plan a fun outing. Do not reward yourself with food! Do not spend too much money either. Examples of positive rewards: an afternoon in the beauty parlor including manicures and makeup, renewing a cloakroom garment, going to the movies, taking a healthy cooking class.
  • Think and speak positively: if you have the habit of criticizing others or being negative … try to change! It has been shown that positive people, who trust in themselves, achieve goals faster than losing weight in 15 days. Maybe you do not consider yourself a negative person but you are without realizing it. Take this test: write down in a notebook all the times you start a sentence with the word “No”. You’ll be surprised!


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