Is the Fad Diet Without Gluten or Lactose is Good for Healthy Diet?



BBPS-5 Supplement Blood Balance Formula Urgent Fungus Destroyerreaking the dietary paradigms to lose weight is possible thanks to the innovative diets that are presented today. In these times where physical image has become a determining factor in the lives of women and men, the rise of different styles of eating has not stopped. It seems a torrent of endless proposals. Among them, the fad diet is to eat gluten and lactose. Maybe this new plan is part of the routine of those who have proposed to eliminate the extra Weight. A factor that is demarcated from the usual, since not only follow those who suffer from celiac disease or lactose intolerance, but people very concerned about the appearance of their body.

Eating gluten and lactose is no longer a diet therapy prescription, which seeks to include and exclude foods to treat a disorder or disease to improve health status.

“It is a fashionable diet that goes against all paradigms”.

What is Lactose and Gluten?

We will define them in a very practical way, so that you can understand it easily. As for lactose, we refer to the milk sugar. That is to say that an individual suffers from lactose intolerance when he has lost the enzyme that is responsible for digesting it: lactase .

When this occurs, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Vomiting
  • Sickness
  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain and swelling (more pronounced in some people than in others).

Now, gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, oats, rye and all its derivatives. Therefore, the symptoms of gluten intolerance are very similar to the previous case. The difference is that gradually deteriorates the villi of the intestine, which are responsible for absorbing food. If it is the case, it must be eliminated from the diet with haste. In this sense, individuals suffering from these disorders should investigate which products contain these components.

When Can We Talk About Gluten and Lactose Intolerance?

For those people who want to integrate in their lives more than a fad diet, and for those who cannot ingest these elements because their health is compromised, it is necessary to clarify what it means to suffer from these disorders. Our intention is that you can identify what happens in your body so that you can define and understand what really happens to your body. In both cases the reactions occur in the small intestine, one of the most important organs in the digestive process. As for lactose, the entire gastrointestinal system suffers when there is a deficiency of the enzyme lactase.

On the other hand, with gluten there is something more than intolerance. It is an allergy that leads to a reaction in the immune system. In this disorder, the protein cannot be sent to the bloodstream or to the cells. That is why the microvilli of the small intestine deteriorate. To find out if you are intolerant of any of the things, it is necessary that you go to the doctor.

Is it Really Dangerous to Follow this Fad Diet?

Going under the restrictions of this fashionable diet, without being intolerant or lactose or celiac, is not dangerous, because these nutrients are not essential for the organism. However, the unjustified elimination of lactose in the daily diet could make it much more difficult to digest in the future. On the other hand, following this food plan without gluten or lactose may cause a considerable loss of weight. This is not due to the effects of its components. It is a healthier diet since flour and sugar were eliminated.

Against a Generalized Diet

Gabriel Oliveira, endocrinologist who directs the Andalusian Society of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (Sancyd), said for the newspaper La Opinión de Málaga that eating gluten and lactose is a decision that only those who are affected by these nutrients should choose. He pointed out that this is a fad diet that does not make any sense. He explained that dairy products have numerous benefits and that they should be part of a balanced diet, just like gluten. It defines this trend as “an expensive practice that is part of a great global business”.

Explained this, it is essential that you become aware of the importance of taking care of your health. While it was clear that you will not be in danger if you eliminate lactose and gluten-free foods, it is recommended that you turn, rather than a fad diet, to a balanced and healthy diet.

Do not make hasty decisions. Attend a specialist, he will tell you what foods fit your characteristics if you are celiac, lactose intolerant or if you simply want to lose weight. Do not let yourself be guided by a fad diet.


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