How to Have a Flat Stomach According to Your Diet?

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Having a flat stomach is the dream of many, because although we are at our ideal weight, an incipient gut may be the trigger that ruins our figure. This leads us to ask ourselves how to have a flat stomach. A healthy diet is very important in the fact of how to have a flat stomach, since it is the part of the body where everything we eat is worked. That is why there are certain factors that we must take into account when organizing our meals such as the food pyramid, which we should never forget, and these tricks that can help us. But all that does not work if we do not take into account a series of factors that we analyze below.

Feeding and How to Have a Flat Stomach

What to Eat and How to Do it to Have a Flat Stomach?

Limit the consumption of fat. We are talking about the “trans” fats found mainly in precooked products, industrial pastries and junk food in general.

“Make sure that the meat you eat is lean and avoid unnecessary fat intake”.

Although this meat is usually less juicy, that’s where your culinary talent comes in to make super appetizing dishes. On the other hand monounsaturated fats are very good and can even help you lose weight by taking it moderately. This type of good fats can be found in olive oil, nuts and fruits such as avocado. Reduce sodium intake. This element helps exponentially to the retention of liquids. Although it is found naturally in most foods, it is very present in table salt, an ingredient that we can reduce in our diet. If in spite of using little salt in the kitchen you continue to retain liquids or do not want to give up a tasty meal, you can find sodium-free salt in the supermarkets that, although it is more expensive, will eliminate this problem.

Consume enough fiber. It is possible that the reason for your swollen belly is not fat or fluid retention, but the cause of air trapped in your digestive system. Although at first it may seem that the fiber will increase in size our gut, what it does is help us to correct digestion, and that helps us eliminate gas and avoid constipation and thus have a flatter belly.

Avoid overeating. What the body asks of us and what it needs is not always related. It is true that we must “listen” to our body because it usually gives us clues of what it needs, such as when we have a drop in sugar and we have a craving for sweets; but that does not mean that we give him all the whims he asks of us, since the most certain thing is that it is only for gluttony. Try to eat at least five times a day, three main dishes and two always healthy snacks; It should consist of balanced, low-fat dishes and try to reduce the quantity of each of them. Eat slowly chewing well every spoonful, so the stomach will really know what you are eating and will not ask you more than necessary because it will increase the feeling of being satiated. Do not be afraid to reduce the amount,

Do not skip meals and give each one the importance it deserves. Respect the saying: “breakfast like a king, lunch like a marquis and dinner like a beggar”; the popular sayings are full of wisdom, at night the body does not need much energy since we are going to keep it at rest, and on the contrary in the morning we have to give it the necessary strength to face the day. On the other hand you should not skip any food, neither the main ones nor the snacks, since you will only get to the next intake with much more hunger and we will eat more than necessary.

Drink a lot of liquid. At least two liters of water a day accompanied by infusions will help you to have the flat belly that you long for, since urine is the body’s way of eliminating all the fat and toxins it does not need. In addition, the infusions help you lose weight. But be careful, all liquids are not worth it: it reduces the consumption of alcohol, which, on the contrary, helps you to gain weight.

Reduce sugar intake. Although it contributes the sweetness that we like so much sugar, it only gives us empty calories and costs us to eliminate. One of the first steps of how to have a flat stomach is to eliminate it from your diet. If in the morning you need a sweet touch you can choose to replace it with more natural elements such as honey or stevia.


  • Do not go hungry ever. The goal is to feel good, not have a bad time and dream about the next meal. If you feel empty and need to eat better choose to “cheat” the stomach with an infusion or a piece of light fruit.
  • It is always best to consult with a doctor or specialist, since these are general tips and it may be more beneficial for you to modify or not perform some of them.
  • Flee the lightning diets. The best advice on how to have a flat stomach is the perseverance of good habits, the lightning diets will only help you a few days and you will regret it when you finish them because you will return to the same place or even worse.
  • A good night’s sleep sometimes we do not give the importance it deserves to sleep. While we sleep, the body rests and allows everything to work correctly. If we do not sleep enough, one of the side effects may be a bigger belly.
  • Try to decrease your stress. Many times, the nerves are caught in the belly and that increases our gas and the volume of the gut.

In summary, if you want to know how to have a flat stomach, you should watch your diet, get enough sleep and take life in a relaxed way.


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