What are the Benefits of Practicing CrossFit Exercise?

Weight loss

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In addition to being an integral exercise with which we exercise the whole body, thanks to the practice of CrossFit we will be able to accelerate our metabolism and we will be able to continue burning calories long after leaving the gym. The Cross Fit is fashionable; it has become the number one trend of the sport. This training modality, which emerged in the United States, has circled the planet and is practiced in many countries. There are even competitions that are broadcast on television. Learn a little more about this type of training that started in the police and is now available to everyone.

What to Know About the Cross Fit

It is a modality that combines military training on the one hand and fitness on the other. And every time adds more followers! This is because it offers excellent short-term results, perfect for burning the calories we have consumed for a long time. A session is composed of:

  • Jumps
  • Push-ups
  • Weight lifting.
  • Trote, etc.

It is, without doubt, very energetic and aims to increase physical abilities. The creator of this technique is called Greg Glassman and began using it in 2001 to train a group of police from California (United States). Then it spread to the navy, the firemen and the military. Subsequently, it became a discipline for all those people who were not in an armed force. It is so effective that many groups of athletes (like, for example, rugby players) use the CrossFit to train.

“In this case, they combine good nutrition and adequate rest, as should be done when doing any sport”.

Advantages of Practicing Cross Fit

When you start with this type of high intensity training you will not only burn fat, but also:

You will Improve Your Aerobic Capacity

  • You will increase lung resistance to better perform other activities. You will not get tired when you want to run to reach the bus!
  • It is estimated that aerobic capacity improves by 10%.

You will Lose Weight

After 10 weeks of training, Cross Fit will lose up to 4% of your body weight, making it ideal for those who are overweight or obese and for those who want to lose “those extra kilos”.

You will Eliminate Fat

  • The percentage of body fat will be reduced considerably (between 13 and 19%) by practicing this discipline for 2 and half months.

You will Increase Lean Mass

  • This is much more visible in women, but the effects are interesting in both sexes.
  • Lean mass is what appears when you burn fat.

You will Work all Muscle Groups

  • Unlike what happens with other exercise routines (such as lifting weights), the CrossFit performs integral movements, working the entire body.
  • It is, without a doubt, a very complete exercise.

You will Achieve Your Goals in Less Time

  • Thanks to a training routine of this type you can increase the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • If you have already tried other disciplines and you have not obtained what you were looking for, maybe the CrossFit can help you.
  • You will speed up your metabolism and you can keep burning calories long after you leave the gym.

You will Have More Strength

  • If you can never open a jar, if it is hard for you to carry a heavy bag or if you do not have the strength to use a tool, with the CrossFit that will be part of the past.
  • You will have more muscle tone and the ability to improve in your daily life.

You will Stylize Your Figure

  • If you are looking to have a splendid body for the July or August holidays, start as soon as possible.
  • It is estimated that after 8 weeks you will have achieved a figure that will be the envy of everyone on the beach.

To Take into Account

The negative part of Cross Fit has to do with injuries, so it is necessary to follow the explanations of the coach to the letter and go at their own pace, regardless of what other colleagues do. Many make the mistake of wanting to lift a lot of weight the first day or doing 200 push-ups in the first class and that is detrimental to health. A good number of those who practice Cross Fit incorrectly have suffered injuries (from mild to serious). The same percentage of injured athletes is observed in traditional weightlifting, but it is lower than in certain contact sports, such as rugby.

Can Women Practice Cross Fit?

This is a very common query because it is considered that, being an intensive training, Cross Fit is not suitable for female athletes. However, they can also practice it. It is not a sport just for men as many believe. Unlike what happens with bodybuilding or bodybuilding, Cross Fit classes achieve a slim and aesthetic figure and not a muscular body that is far from the canons of feminine beauty pre-established by most. The Cross Fit allows you to lose fat accumulated in your belly or thighs faster than any other sport or routine. It can be similar to spinning, for example, but it is more integral and fun. Some also indicate that it has effects very similar to those of training boxing or some martial art combined with aerobics, such as Tae Bo. In addition to the general benefits that have been detailed before in relation to the practice of CrossFit , we can add other specific benefits in the case that the athlete is female:

You will Improve Your Self-Esteem

  • Women often get very depressed because they do not have the body as they would like.
  • This exercise will help not only to shape the figure, but also to avoid depression, improve attitude and love more.

You will be Stronger

  • You can do everything you propose and much more.
  • That way they can no longer say that you are of the weaker sex! It will help you in any aspect of your life, in the simple tasks of home or work.

It is worth noting that age is not an impediment to practicing a Cross Fit routine. As in all sports, everyone should train according to their physical abilities. There are many cases of women up to 70 years old who train and have no problems. If you start in youth or adulthood, you will feel much better in old age, whether you practice an exercise or not.

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