What are the 6 Tips to Avoid Gaining Kilos this Christmas?

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Dispense alcoholic beverages or plan menus in advance can be a great help to avoid gaining kilos over. The Christmas season brings many positive things. We share as a family; we take time to rest and enjoy a wide variety of traditions that allow us to get out of the routine. However, some show some concern not to gain kilos. And, although we are aware that we can eat more calories due, we have trouble rejecting those delicious preparations only are these days. This coupled with physical inactivity and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain, in certain cases, spoil many of the efforts of the rest of the year.

For this reason, before starting the celebrations, it is good to know some tips that can help prevent this situation. Discover them!

1. Plan your Meals So you do not Gain Extra Kilos

On non-celebratory days, you can maintain your regular diet. However, as you probably want something different on special dates, try to plan your meals in advance.

“There is a wide variety of healthy recipes for the Christmas dinner that, unlike many traditional foods, do not contain too many calories or fats”.

Discard the preparations with fried foods, sausages or sugar, and opt for those that include fruits, vegetables and lean meats.


  • Pasta or vegetable salads
  • Sauteed vegetables
  • Fish baked or grilled
  • Chicken breast or turkey
  • Fruit desserts

Consider that you should choose healthy companions to avoid overloading the dish. Try to make a good combination of foods to prevent indigestion.

2. Eat Moderate, Without Remorse

It is not about losing control by the simple fact of being at Christmas. However, you should not ban food you want, much less feel remorse. If you want to enjoy and avoid gaining kilos, keep in mind the key is to eat moderately.

  • If you manage to take small portions, you will satisfy the desire to eat and you will avoid that, later, the anxiety will lead you to make bad food choices.

3. Do not Skip the Main Meals

These days it is very common for many to apply the false belief of “saving calories”.  Some choose to skip one of the main meals to later enjoy the Christmas dinner or any other family gathering. The truth is that this is still a mistake, since the usual meals must be respected. Stopping eating will involve a greater sense of anxiety and, later, may lead to eating more than it should.

  • Ideally, keep the rule of eating three main courses, in small portions, and, during additional meals, moderate the amounts.

4. Choose Healthy Drinks

Do not ruin your diet by consuming drinks loaded with sugars and calories. Industrial soft drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages have everything to make us gain a few kilos. Although many prefer them as companions, it is best to look for healthier alternatives so as not to overload the body.


  • During the day try to consume between 6 and 8 glasses of water. This will help you control anxiety and facilitate the detoxification processes of your body.
  • Eat a glass of red wine during dinner. It is a healthy drink that, in small amounts, avoid gaining Kilos.
  • Prepare cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Consume infusions and natural juices.

5. Stay Active

If you think about it, during the Christmas season you have many opportunities to activate your body and put aside a sedentary lifestyle.

  • There is more time to adopt an exercise routine.
  • Take advantage of the company of your family and friends to carry out any sport activity.
  • You can go for a walk or jog in the mornings.
  • You can dance during celebrations.

These, and many other physical activities, help increase the body’s energy expenditure and promote the burning of extra calories.

6. Listen to Your Body

Are you eating because you feel hungry or because of gluttony? Your body always sends you signal when it has received enough “fuel”. For this reason, and to not gain kilos, try to eat in small portions, until you perceive a feeling of fullness.

  • Enjoy all the dishes you want, always in its rightful measure. If you feel satisfied, do not eat even if they offer it to you.

Ready to adopt your plan to not get fat this Christmas? Address all the above tips and enjoy these dates without fear of ruining your efforts to maintain a stable weight.


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